Become a ComforTeam dealer
One benefit available to every ComforTeam dealer is a customized dealer web site. This allows customers to locate your business via the Internet.

Your ComforTeam web site will identify your business with your company logo, photos, dealership name, address and phone numbers.

Five sections of the web site showcase your business, the products you carry, financing options, a glossary and special offers that can be as unique as your business.

If you are already registered as a ComforTeam dealer with Armstrong Air, use the "Complete web site info form" link below to enter your business information. Your web site will be prepared for your review. You will be notified when your site is ready.

If you are considering becoming a member of the Armstrong Air ComforTeam, follow the link below to "View ComforTeam demo." This will give you specific information about the web site. Contact your Armstrong Air distributor to join today!